Brendan Schaub on Canelo Alvarez moving two weight classes to fight Sergey Kovalev "easy win"

Brendan Schaub on Canelo Alvarez moving two weight classes to fight Sergey Kovalev “easy win”

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20 Responses to Brendan Schaub on Canelo Alvarez moving two weight classes to fight Sergey Kovalev "easy win"

  1. Sbdhudhxbb Djdjdjzjjd says:

    Brandon knows what it is he is not a hater. People hate on canelo that's why they dont want him to succeed

  2. Hugh Cipher says:

    I dont think the Crusher fight is an easy win for Canelo.

  3. Diego Montoya says:

    Pretty sure Sergey had months off after the incident

  4. OJgotthejuice says:

    Lol am I the only one that got surprised when the camera panned to Chin and his face didn’t match his voice……

  5. SiLo Mixing and Mastering says:

    Canelo ain't stopping Kovalev in under 8 rounds lmao, couldn't stop Cotto, Lara, Jacobs or Chavez Jr at lower weights so he ain't stopping Kovalev 2 weights higher. Makes zero sense that prediction. If Canelo wins it will be on points as usual and I am picking him to win points but Kovalev ain't no Rocky Fielding looool.

  6. Alex Jenkins says:

    This guy is clueless. Please keep him away from boxing. How can he question why usyk is on there and not fury. Usyk unified his entire division. This guy has limited boxing knowledge and its annoying he gets a platform to express this

  7. Alpine160 says:

    He's not in their p4p rankings, ciz they see through the smoke screen, paid off judges, imposing weight & rehydration clauses on opponents, failed drug tests, cheating weigh ins like he did against callum Smith, and you ask why he's not in the p4p rankings, ha ha fucking dick riders

  8. TM Will says:

    Earl Spencer lol

  9. Samuel Fernandez says:

    I’ll be laughing when Kovalev knocks out this canela bitch lol

  10. Daniiel Garcia says:

    canelo defense is better thn loma and crawford

  11. Mr Right says:

    Because Canelo only fights fighters past their prime. When he fought Mayweather he got a reality check. He got exposed. Canelo is just hype.

  12. oscar27ization says:

    Canelo should be 1st

  13. Zurexion FTW says:

    No argument Canelo is the face in boxing

  14. John Getek says:

    Earl spencer?

  15. Daniel Moore says:

    Mrs Schaub: “I’m not wearing it until you give it a clean”

    Brendan:”no, I like it dirty”

  16. Jorge Molina says:

    Damn! Shaub is a Gaynelo cockslurper too?


    Bot even his iwn country respects his cherry oicking old guy lovin drugee with very very small Cojones.

  17. David Reyes says:

    #truth! I just subbed

  18. Nutrition Is life says:

    Quit hyping this fight let's it's the next coming. Let's state the real facts here shall we.

    NOW.. this fight let's give the credit.. it Is a dangerous fight for canelo due to size and power difference. Lets not knock that.

    HOWEVER.. Kovalev is 1 out of his last 4 fights coming with 2 losses before that. Hes now 36 , and this is Canelos 4th or more time fighting someone over the age of 35. Kovalev cannot take body shots and has No inside game or great defense. Power and size is all he has. He has a punchers chance, but unless Canelo has an off night or gas tank runs low super early. He WILL NOT lose this fight. Defense and punch selection ESPECIALLY to the body us far too good.

    Canelo wins. EASILY

  19. thomas gatto says:

    This guy is a fucking idiot

  20. alpha male says:

    Shaub is pound for pound biggest idiot