Floyd Mayweather – Top 5 Fights

Next Episode of top 5 series. This time we’ll be looking at Floyd Mayweather top 5 fights widely considered as the best fighter of this era.

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20 Responses to Floyd Mayweather – Top 5 Fights

  1. leandro dutra says:

    For all boxing experts or fans, i leave you this question if you're so kind to answer it:
    Is maywather movement tecnique that good? I mean, imo lomachenko has infinite better movement, so did ali… I understand that floyd is has not being k.o'd for 20 years… but i see him move and I really dont see anything especial.

  2. Who Knew?. says:

    McGregor will suffer defeat by a thousand cuts

  3. Plenty Afish says:

    Floyd is actually the biggest pussy of all time πŸ˜‚ this dude just turtle shells and sucker punches if he fought Connor in mma he would fucking die in the first round real shit

  4. Ferne Taylor says:

    The money team will be going home broke august 26 πŸ–•πŸ»

  5. RawSurgePhoenix says:

    26 knockouts and 23 wins by judge decision. I'd like there to be more knockouts but there's no denying that he's a good boxer

  6. Ingmar Kappers says:

    Floyd is a great defensive boxer, the best of all time. But it ain't that impressive to look at. All boxers above dropped their guard multiple times when tired. I guess he'll wear out conor, but it will not be boxing most exciting fight. Just like manny's fight…

  7. Hamlet telmaH says:

    Only time Conor touches Floyd will be when they touch off. Clown sighting @5:01.

  8. Josue Camarillo says:

    In my opinion,#1 performance for Floyd was against Gatti.

  9. dino6912 says:

    not impressed

  10. imissda pluggedup says:

    floyd no where he come from…..everybody fight but its skills n levels to that shit believe me….

  11. niceMange says:

    the diego fight almost brings a tear to the eye, that man had a lot of heart

  12. η”³δΌŸ says:


  13. joe sam says:

    My top 5 Floyd fights
    1. Floyd vs Maidana (1st fight)
    2. Canelo vs Floyd
    3. Manny vs FLOYD
    4. Cotto vs Floyd
    5. Floyd vs Shane Mosley

  14. Ryan Weston says:

    send the ricky Hatton fight video to skip bayless so he can stfu about Floyd not getting a knockout

  15. Chef Lauren says:


  16. Mr. Test says:

    Who saw trump at the manny fight

  17. Moose Lips says:

    conor is coming for that ass

  18. Andrew Vogeler says:

    Guys no doubt Mayweather probably the best boxer of ANY era period… but unless he's found the fountain of youth he's gonna run into trouble… I'd hate to see him retire with a blemish on his record as it stands he is the best… take a loss though people will always dispute that.

  19. lBdub l says:

    why is HHH there at 2:42 lol

  20. Mast Life says:

    Conor should fight the biggest and toughest boxers like Canelo and Fred Ross, Pacquaio, Mike Tyson, Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, Lennox and more. He'd be killed one boxer before he faces all of them.