LIVE PRESS CONFERENCE! Andy Ruiz Jr vs Anthony Joshua 2 | In New York City

LIVE PRESS CONFERENCE! Andy Ruiz Jr vs Anthony Joshua 2 | In New York City

Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua go face-to-face in the 2nd leg of their media tour ahead of their rematch on December 7, live on Sky Sports Box Office.

the WBC heavyweight champion of the world Deontay the bronze bomber Wilder sends warning to Andy Ruiz about the rematch with Anthony Joshua stay tuned Boxing news and commentary


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40 responses on LIVE PRESS CONFERENCE! Andy Ruiz Jr vs Anthony Joshua 2 | In New York City

  1. If Antony Joshua win. This will turn into a Mohammed ali vs Frazer, Mike Tyson vs Lenox etc… for years to come.


  3. What's up with the middle east hosting this fight and muay thai and ufc lately ?! Guess the princes are spending their money well

  4. Eddie Hearns is such a twat.
    Ruiz is happy knowing he'll never sweep roads ever again. Joshua will flatten him within 5 rounds.

  5. I support anyone who steps in the ring but is it just me or does it seem like AJ is loosing confidence? He looks nervous and not as relaxed as usual

  6. Saudi Arabia funds terrorism we should not cooperate with them in any way whatsoever this is an absolute disgrace.

  7. It's irresponsible of Ruiz to promote fatness as a virtue. He's the exception, not the rule. So he's selling a false dream to other fatties. This is a dangerous message.

  8. He's fucking praying Joshua loses again so he Doesn't have to look like more of a fraud turning Down more offers. No wonder he wanted to get pregnant no offence to any ladies but this guy goes on like a bitch. Contradictions in every pile of shit that falls out of his mouth. Always more concerned with what's going on in other people's business rather than his own. Deontay Wilder " my words are so powerful I can make men's walk through walls" men's lol. Two mandatory defences in 5 years some fan boy explain that to me

  9. If it does happen ruiz will be doing the dictating ovr negotiations he will be the A side over wilder surely.

  10. Gee's this guy trying to be relevant because he knows everyone is talking about this rematch fight and not his 🤣

  11. cmon man take down that porn intro, it destroys your credibility and you cant be taken seriously with half naked lady at beginning.

  12. No matter Wilder's advice or support, Ruiz will lose in that rematch. AJ will handle Ruiz like a baby, he will decapitate him easy.

  13. I dont believe theres any doubt wilder wont get respect cause he never fought aj when he was unbeaten or wlad when he should have. Hes Always waiting for someone else to do the hard work for him. And he never wanted the aj fight. All talk but bottled it when it was all said and done

  14. I like Wilder but he's badly managed and ill advised. He needs to go with Matchroom if he's ever gonna make big money and get more love from fans.

  15. I will go on record right here and right now that in a future fight between AJ and Deontay Wilder I'll bet counterpunch boxing $500 AJ gets knocked the fuck out

  16. 7 Minutes of complete bullshit because you know good and damn well that AJ cannot beat Deontay Wilder. Anthony Joshua is complete trash

  17. Wilder just doesn’t want to get hurt,so I will fight a pensioner,then hopefully Ruiz jr,don’t think so dude AJ

  18. Am an aj fan but i want to see undisputed very fast… The shortest route to undisputed is ruiz winning..truth is if aj gets his belts back his going to duck wilder for eternity coz aj knows that he can't beat a hard puncher like wilder and we all know hearn cant allow to risk aj again coz it will mess up his cash flow

  19. wilder knows that if aj wins aj aint gonna fight wilder but will duck him coz hearn and aj know that aj stands no Chance of ever beating wilder.. Wilder wants to unify very fast and the shortest route to undisputed ia ruiz winning

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