Manny Pacquiao vs Keith Thurman [Full 12 round]

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20 Responses to Manny Pacquiao vs Keith Thurman [Full 12 round]

  1. iBi AhIVIeD says:

    Spence, Crawford and the rest in WW are just fortunate that Manny was not 30 otherwise he would KO them all just another level I think The Mayweather fight with Manny did quite well but no shame in loosing that fight Manny could fight floyd 10 times and still win a few of those.

  2. Joey Cordero says:

    Hbo commentators are far better and more lively. These guys are boring to listen to. Mario lopez should get back commentating

  3. Joey Cordero says:

    Bad commentators. Hope they hire the best one’s

  4. Septimo Rains says:

    Many Pacquiao The Best Ever


  5. Neil 72 says:

    Manny would run rings around Spence even at 40..

  6. Drew League says:

    Pacquiao is the most "pushed" bum in the history of boxing…I'll bet my last dollar he was doping at some point in his career.

  7. Richie Rich says:

    Thurman definitely felt them T. rex arms.😂🤣

  8. Assassin Strife says:

    Gotta love Kenny Bayless head gestures 15:12

  9. Dennis Mejares says:

    The Greatest of all time the world knows ♎♎♎

  10. Slaughter vision says:

    Respect for upload bro!!👌

  11. manymul says:

    If pac was 30 this could have been ended up very quickly

  12. Devil Lance says:

    6:02 Pacman ki charging.

  13. Indigenous Redd says:

    Greatest Of All Time!!! #Pacman

  14. Kurama Pardo says:

    Its clearly a bodyshot… the commentator are bias they are underestimating mannys ability and punching power.

  15. JaySw34 says:

    I hate this live punch counter. All I notice is the landed punches that don't count

  16. Kea12 - says:

    Who's watching after #SpencePorter fight? Lol

  17. Maclikegoldie 1 says:

    Are you gonna show the Spence fight

  18. Jjv Sports Tv says:

    bruh just wanna ask is this okay you record the stream and posted to the youtube you are not in trouble?

  19. Wes Baird says:

    That clean right hand buy Thurman should have at least rocked Manny I don't know what happened to Thurman's punching power

  20. Rico Capitan says:

    And the T rex arms beat one time thurman by his calves..😁😁