Manny Pacquiao vs Keith Thurman [Full 12 round]

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20 responses on Manny Pacquiao vs Keith Thurman [Full 12 round]

  1. Spence, Crawford and the rest in WW are just fortunate that Manny was not 30 otherwise he would KO them all just another level I think The Mayweather fight with Manny did quite well but no shame in loosing that fight Manny could fight floyd 10 times and still win a few of those.

  2. Hbo commentators are far better and more lively. These guys are boring to listen to. Mario lopez should get back commentating

  3. Pacquiao is the most "pushed" bum in the history of boxing…I'll bet my last dollar he was doping at some point in his career.

  4. Its clearly a bodyshot… the commentator are bias they are underestimating mannys ability and punching power.

  5. bruh just wanna ask is this okay you record the stream and posted to the youtube you are not in trouble?

  6. That clean right hand buy Thurman should have at least rocked Manny I don't know what happened to Thurman's punching power

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